Voter Tools


Pueblo Voter Guide offers a unique online and in print Voter Guide for the 2017 election. It provides voters with the most comprehensive information on local and state-wide ballot issues and candidates. Don't just vote. Let your vote be guided.


Register and Update

If you aren't registered to vote, please go to the Secretary of State website at this link. We ask that you to vote for local ssues and candidates with values, which are most accountable to the citizenry and the public sacred trust.


Make the Pledge to Vote in This Election

We ask that you Pledge to Vote for issues and candidates with values, those who are most accountable to the citizenry and in respect for the sacred public trust. If registered voters focused on value centered legislation and leaders were to pledge to vote in this November's election, we could make a huge difference.

How to Get Involved...

Would you like to be involved in our efforts to improve Pueblo? Here is more information about how to join us.