Taylor Voss

screen-shot-2017-10-01-at-7-01-27-pmTaylor Voss is a Pueblo native and says he's proud to be a product of the Pueblo School system, which shaped him to get involved at a young age in his community. He's running for one of the two at large, non partisan school board positions.

He got his degree at CSU-Pueblo, moved to Denver for work, then recently moved back to Pueblo, where he started meeting local leaders to try to figure out how he could play a role in helping transform his troubled home town.

Voss says Pueblo faces so many issues, but he thinks the starting point is in educating our youth, which will impact every other aspect of our city in the long run.

He said in a recent campaign speech, that there needs to be more community involvement in local government, that citizens need to be more engaged in a community effort, acting in partnership and collaboration.

Voss is 24, the youngest of the candidates, and he says that older people are needed on the board, but he thinks it would be advantageous to have a younger voice with a new perspective as well.

Here's his vision for education in his words:

Students first: "Our students are the future of our community. We need schools that spark their passion for education, and properly prepare them for an ever-changing world.

Advocate for teachers: "Teachers are the backbone of society, and they are absolutely the backbone of this community. They need to be valued, and that value needs to be shown by providing resources, as well as through respect and praise."

Transparent and accessible to the community: "Change is needed in our schools. To achieve this change, I challenge the community to get more involved."

His facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/VoteTaylorVoss/ and his campaign website is https://votetaylorvoss.com