Should the City of Pueblo Municipalize Electric Utilities

Those who vote at a special election May 5, 2020 will decide on an expensive and involved process of a Board of Water Works takeover of the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, terminating its contract with Black Hills Energy early and requiring the condemnation and/or takeover of .

We question if the Board of Water Works is fit to manage a utility of this magnitude, with an estimated $400 million dollar initial investment to acquire all the necessary assets and how the City’s proposed would effect other surrounding cities as it requires regional takeovers, condemnations and new contracts.

This measure lacks a full disclosure of costs, a true risk analysis, financial caps and a doable transition timeline. A vote of no would table the risky City Council proposed venture on an unnecessary, expensive special election ballot and allow for the continuations of negotiations with Black Hills for reduce rates and more.

Photo by Jerilee Bennett

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