Register to Vote

If you want to register to vote online, find your registration information, change party affiliations, view a sample ballot, withdraw registration, change your name and get information if you are a military/overseas voter, go to the Colorado Secretary of State’s website To register to vote in person, go to the City Clerk’s Office, #1 City Hall Place or the Pueblo County Courthouse, 215 W. 10th Street, both downtown.

You can also register to vote in anytime before Election Day and up until and including Election Day in person at a voter service and polling center when they are open. If you register online or in person after the 8th day before an election, you will not receive a ballot in the mail and you must visit one of the voter service and polling centers for your ballot to vote in person.

All Colorado driver license offices provide voter registration services, so throughout the year, if you interact with the DMV (drivers license offices), you can choose to register to vote at that time. If you are interacting with a social service office, they may also provide you with a voter registration form to fill out in person. Once you have applied to register to vote at the DMV or an agency, your information is forwarded to the county clerk.

Note that beginning in July of 2020, Colorado is beginning an automatic voter registration system. The Department of Revenue, which oversees the DMV, will be required to transfer to the Secretary of State an electronic record of each unregistered elector or person eligible to preregister who applies for the issuance, renewal, or correction of a Colorado driver’s license or identification card and who provides documentation of citizenship.

If you apply or make changes to medicaid, your information will be automatically forwarded as well. The local county clerk is required to review records for completeness and to send each person a notice advising that the elector has been automatically registered to vote.

Each person can choose to return the notice to either decline to be registered or to affiliate with a party. If you don’t decline to be registered within 20 days after the notice is mailed and the form is not returned as undeliverable, you are considered an elector, automatically registered to vote and will receive your next ballot by mail.