Pueblo Civil Services Commissioner

screen-shot-2017-10-01-at-8-24-57-pmDan Archibeque is running unopposed in November to retain his position on the Pueblo Civil Services Commission. He currently serves as the chair of the three member board. The Civil Service Commission is composed of three members elected to six-year, staggered terms.

The Commission's responsibilities are: to hold periodic competitive examinations for purposes of establishing position eligibility lists; to locate and identify, through merit and fitness testing the best candidates for the City of Pueblo's classified jobs; to provide a neutral setting so the Civil Service Commission can hear the type of appeals that are specified in the Pueblo Municipal Code; to provide effective, efficient, and friendly customer service to persons who have business with the Civil Service Commission; and to update and improve the means whereby applicants can apply for city jobs.

We can't find a facebook page or any further information aboaut Archibeque.