R. Kenneth O’Neal II

screen-shot-2017-10-01-at-6-16-07-pmR.Kenneth O'Neal was appointed to in May of 2017 to fill a vacant Pueblo City Schools (D60) board position. He is an Army veteran, an educator, and is a member of the Pillars of Unity community advocacy group.

Several school board members championed him as the ideal candidate out of six who applied for the position, over looking even prominent retired judge, Dennis Maes, one of four other candidates running for two open, bipartisan, at large seats this year.

O'Neal currently serves as an adjunct professor in health services administration at Colorado Christian University and says that because he's been an educator for over 20 years, he understands the impact of education on a community.

O'Neal says he has asked a lot of questions since being on the board and that the school board has made progress in the short time he has been on it, and is moving forward systematically in a better direction then it was before. He said he's proud that progress has been made towards giving professional teachers and paraprofessionals better pay.

If voted in, O'Neal says that the board needs to help the school district figure out how to save money and raise more funds for our children. He says the board should look towards solar panels at schools to save electric bills.

O'Neal isn't just an educator, he's also one of nation's best track and field athletes in his age class and he actively travels throughout the United States competing. He said the district could possibly bring ing in money from more athletic events in Pueblo, such as at the local stadium.

His facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/rkenneth.oneal/