Joshua Bruns

Joshua Bruns is running for City Council District 3, in Central Pueblo, against incumbent Ed Brown. He says his main goal is to increase economic inclusion and self-sustainability in Pueblo. He says the issue of high poverty in Pueblo contributes to the city's high crime, malnutrition of children and other socio-economic issues.

Bruns is for empowering the people by institutionalizing community oversight panels. He wants to provide an accessible online forum for citizen input into local issues and government and the following which is in his campaign literature.


About his platform on Economic Inclusion:
"To enhance Pueblo's $146 million operating budget, I'll encourage local investments by access to resources rather than direct subsidy. Creative entrepreneurial applications with democratic accountability will transfer the control of profit - economic power - to local citizens. Currently, everyday expenses and monthly payments drain Pueblo's income and wealth. Distant corporations profit. Local control of economic functions, of providing necessary goods and services, will boost our economic security, because local interests will be in mind. When power is given to the people, they will reinvest in Pueblo, because we live here."

About his platform on Self-Sufficiency:
"Local ownership and decision making, like cooperatives, sharing initiatives, and worker self-directed enterprises, will reduce dependency on distant, limited, and insufficient products and services. Solar panels, high intensity gardening on blighted lots, 3-D printing, and many other forms of economic permaculture can be incrementally increased, further ensuring affordability, dependability, and accessibility.

What he says about his other Issues:
1 - "Expose corruption, empower community participation, institutionalize transparency"
2- "Legislate an action plan subsequent current movements and leading authors"
3- "Budgeting with the interests of local businesses, training for skilled workers"
4 - "Increased access to human needs by self-sufficiency and local initiatives"

He highlights in his campaign literature his Influences:
"Noam Chomsky (MIT), Richard Wolff (UMASS) and Democracy Now!"

He lists his contact information as:


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