Ieshia Jiron

Leshia Jiron

Leshia Jiron

Ieshia Jiron, a local born and raised Puebloan and successful business woman, is running for an at-large position on Pueblo City Council saying that Pueblo is long due for a younger generation with progressive changes in mind.

At a local candidate luncheon the newcomer to politics said it's time for new blood on City Council. "I feel like it is time for my generation of people to step up and start to make a change and make a difference," she said.

Jiron worked about 20 years for Target, was a real estate estate agent for a time, fought for pot to become legal in Pueblo and started a successful local marijuana business, American Pride, which she now manages. And she is proudly raising a family in Pueblo.

“Pueblo is my home and I love my community,” Jiron said in her campaign materials. “It’s time to make positive changes for all of Pueblo. We are the Home of Heroes. I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore. We need new leaders stepping up to improve our community and address our problems head on.”

Jiron says that Pueblo needs new ideas and a new leadership, and for locals to work together and talk about what needs to change. "I feel like we’ve been stuck in a circle of the ‘80s and it’s time to move forward.”

Furthermore in her words: "We need to be protecting jobs and attracting new ones, not chasing entire industries and good jobs away. We need to really look at the budget and make some hard choices so we can properly fund our police, fire, schools, code enforcement, and parks departments."

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