Ed Brown

screen-shot-2017-09-30-at-4-25-16-pmEd Brown was first appointed to repace Leroy Garcia who was elected for another office, then he was voted in and is finishing up four years on Pueblo City Council.

He was a firefighter for 32 years and said at the Latino Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the end of September that he used to make fun of City Council. He said City government is more complicated than he though and that he hasn't been able to help as many people as he thought.

For some unknown reason, he spent most of his three minute speech at the luncheon talking about the City Park "bath house" that activists and builders complained about that passed by Council during his term for $750,000 that builders said would cost less than $50,000. He said that $100,000 was spent on the parking lot, that the bath house has nine bathrooms and will last 50 years, but he didn't account for the rest of the money, just stating that the builder didn't even finish on time and it wasn't used until a year after planned.

He started out saying, "“It’s been a pleasure to be on city council and work with my colleagues of different backgrounds," spent minutes on the "bath house" fiasco and then he finished his speech with, “We’re moving forward, we’re moving Pueblo forward. We’ve got some new jobs and we’re looking to get more. …”

Brown says he's available at his cell number listed as 719-671-7450 however some say he hasn't returned calls through his term years nor his email ebrown@pueblo.us. We asked him for a bio and his campaign platform and didn't hear back. Nor is there anything on his facebook page about what he stands for. So all we have thus far is his history on Council and campaign speech.


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