Dennis Maes

screen-shot-2017-10-01-at-4-44-25-pmDennis Maes is a candidate for one of two at large seats on the the D-60 school board. Maes was a chief judge of the Colorado 10th Judicial District Court, where he served 16 years. In prior years he was a private practice lawyer, a public defender and a director of Pueblo County Legal Services. He retired in May of 2012.

He was looked over in May by four school board members (in part for his public criticizing of them for firing of former superintendent, Constance Jones), for an appointed board position, that was instead given to R Kenneth O'Neal, who is now an incumbent running a campaign for one of two seats.

At a recent campaign speech Maes said he's for more fiscal responsibility, transparency and better communication and involvement between the school board with parents and teachers. He said that D-60 has been losing about 200 students a year, and with that comes a great financial loss of income to the school district.

Maes has two grand children going to D-60 schools and he says one of his goals is to help create a plan so good students choose Pueblo D-60 schools rather than leave.

If elected he wants a full audit of all expenses, including personnel and facilities to get an overview of "what is working and what is not." He said serious questions need to be asked, including why one of the highest paid positions is that of a Boulder attorney with no ties to Pueblo.

Maes said the next few years aren't going to be easy, that trust and communication has to be rebuilt, and, in his words: "We need to stop kicking the can down the road... community education is a community concern."

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