Bob Schilling

screen-shot-2017-09-30-at-9-56-52-pmBob Schilling is running for Pueblo City Council District 1 once again. He was born and raised in Pueblo, did a stint in the army, went to college in Boulder and moved back to his home town. He is a local realtor.

He voted for more fees to repair local streets, an issue that will be on the ballot and he sponsored a ballot item for a 1/5 of a cent tax hike for more police officers and operations costs, after going against a city initiative in 2016 that failed, and after going against the police union survey in early 2016 saying it wasn't credible when over 100 police officers reported that they had a 95% disconfidence in former police chief Luis Velez, worse in council and even worse in city management.

Schilling tried to get a ballot item passed last year that would combine city and county government, and many complained, including his own council members, that he was acting outside of his role as a councilman in one of four districts. He says that he's won in the past because no one else usually runs for council and he's been a subject of recall before. However this year, he has two opponents.

He has not returned calls and is not cooperating with answering questions about himself and issues that are being provided to all candidates. He doesn't appear to have a facebook page, or website, and didn't bring any information or flyers about himself or his stands on issues to candidate forums.


Would you support surveys and neigbhorhood councils for more citizen involvement?


Do you think that there should be a better accountability system at the city such as a citizens review board and/or ethics commission?