Pueblo Elections and Politics is a local grassroots effort spotlighting political issues in the Pueblo region, educating, mobilizing and empowering people to make sure their voices are heard, using social media, this website and nonpartisan voter guides to provide election information and to monitor local government and public schools to ensure that rights and freedoms are upheld, and we mobilize residents to make their voices heard.

We encourage residents to be more involved in the political process in Pueblo, Pueblo County and the Pueblo West Metro District and help voters make more informated decisions.During election seasons, we submit questions and report answers from candidates of all offices as well as provide in-depth analysis’ of any issues put forth to voters by citizens or the government.

We also run campaigns to register citizens to vote and/or change their voters registration information. While we are a nonpartisan group, at times, and especially in the case when a candidate or ballot issue is at question, we will provide our own opinions on the issues that we feel will best represent the interests of the majority of citizens.

Members of our group feel that there has been a lack of alternative media and independent coverage of individual issues, politics and elections through the years and we hope to fill the gap.


You may contact us through our Facebook page Pueblo Elections & Politics, @PuebloElections.