screen-shot-2017-09-30-at-3-23-47-pmINDEPENDENT PUEBLO VOTERS GUIDE: HELPING YOU NAVIGATE THROUGH THE LOCAL CANDIDATES AND ISSUES: The November 2017 ballot has a number of issues that are complicated and we are here to inform you so you can make a sound voting decision. Here is information about city and county ballot issues to help you decide as well as the candidates running for local office:

No. 300 - Citizens Violence and Crime Reduction Act

Citizens gathered almost 5,000 signatures and have garnered the support of many in the industry for this act which would save the city in the long run by reducing recidivism, violence and crime. The 1/4 of a penny tax would provide for over 20 cutting edge police and community programs in the most concerted effort in history. The "Safe Pueblo" programs come with complete checks and balances. Link HERE to read the legislation in full.

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Four City Council Positions Open - Two At-Large and District 1 (North Side) and 3 (Central)

There are four seats open on the November 2017 ballot - District 1 (north side) and District 3 (central) and two At-Large positions (vote for two). This website has complete descriptions of the platforms and background of each of 12 candidates and discloses the misconduct of current Council members and another one running.

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2A - Strong Mayor and More

The proposed Strong Mayor legislation may be against local and state law and is at the least in violation of the sacred public trust as members of the group met behind closed doors despite that our Charter mandates that there be no change for form of government without a Charter Convention which in today standards is an elected Commission, with a year at least to study our Charter with a national consultant, neighborhood meetings, union input. Yes we have issues  and yes we may want a mayor but not they tyrannical mayor.

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2B - The City's Tax For Personnel and Operations

The City Council's proposed tax for police and operations is listed as a short ballot item with no checks and balances for what this new tax would provide for. Council has failed to provide the authorized 207 officers they promised that this tax would be "above" and left Pueblo short 60-70 officers for many years.

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Pueblo D-60 School Board Candidates

There are five candidates running for two open, at large positions on the D-60 school board and this website has the biographies and platforms of each of them and more about what issues the school district is facing.

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2C - Fees for Street Repair?

The City's proposed Street Repair Enterprise is a one sentence question on the ballot which we think is unethical in itself. The City is marketing it to residential voters saying it's a minor fee and the truth is it gouges businesses already paying too much for electric fees.

More About the 2C

It's Broken, Let's Fix it...

Our local government has issues, most voters realize this. But what can we do to fix our troubles? Let's explore options together.


Help Support the Cause...

If you have questions you'd like us to ask the candidates contact us or if you'd like to be involved in our efforts. We have sister facebook pages, websites, research and action groups that are working hard to help empower citizens to be more involved.